Future of freelancing in India

Future of freelancing in India

Freelancing means to act independently without orders from another. Freelancers are the ones who are uncommitted independently. Being a Freelancer, I can say Freelancing is Next Future.As I say Freelancing is future because I am working as a freelancer from last 1 years so I would say Freelancing is the best option

Freelnacing means FUTURE

Why I Think Freelancing means FUTURE.

Because of COVID-19 people are staying at home and love to work from home. So I think in the future we can give service from home to anyone in these countries and earn money so I think in future Indian freelancing communities will be hot because we can get a high price when we do a foreign project. Nowadays many companies are shifting in freelancing and giving their services online. Freelancing gains great popularity nowadays. Everyone wants comfort and money and what if one gets both together. As freelancing becomes the best service because in this   you are the Boss on yourself. An international survey by Mc Kinsey says By 2025, the online marketplace could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP.

Future of freelancing

Future of freelancing in India.

India has the third-highest number of startups.  We always in search of a financial option which makes us our own boss. In this search Freelancing is the most convenient option. Freelancing is best because of some important factors like independence, freedom to choose working hours, time, place, etc. Freelancing has great potential to give a number of opportunities to show your potential and talent. By freelancing one can work on own convenience and earn unlimited financial resources. Freelancing is a must in our present world to connect with the whole world and do with the best in your space.

Freelancing is the demand for the coming years.

The most important factor which affects the employment in next years is Covid-19 which locks the whole world. The most developed countries like the USA UK Russia China and many more are totally helpless in front of this virus. The global economy is at the lowest place in the present time. A survey says the Global GDP will be slow down up to $ 3.7 trillion. In India state bank of India research estimates a contraction of over 40 % in the GDP in Q1 FY21. So A big contraction in the global economy will lead to unemployment in the whole world that’s why freelancing will be the best to survive in the coming years.

Now after the importance of freelancing in the FUTURE.

I would like to share my own experience as a Freelancer. Working as a freelancer is quite convenient and comfortable because you are your own BOSS.

5 reasons  (People will choose freelancing)

5 Reason to choose Freelancing in India.

Personally I have a number of reasons to work as a freelancer some of them are:

  1. Independence to choose the work.
  2. Never limit my talent and skills.
  3. It can work all over the world.
  4. Get to be paid per project.
  5. Future Security.

My Experience As A Freelancer.

I had started my freelancing work in 2019. I started as a freelancer website design, WordPress, Data entry, excel, writing, etc. In the beginning, I worked at a low cost and earned up to 400 dollars in a month and get many permanent clients. From these famous Freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer. On these websites after registration, I started to bid on projects.  In this bidding on projects process I learned a lot about freelancing.  There are thousands of people even lakhs of people in the queue. So now it’s the biggest challenge to make my bid better than others even best to get the projects. So I started searching for the best bidding process and then after lots of hard work I find out some important points. By these Dos and Don’ts, I started my real journey of freelancing. These points helped me to get my projects. I started to work on my projects and get my money. By these projects, I earned up to $100 to $200 per day. So Freelancing becomes my primary financial resource.

Here are these important points every freelancer should follow

There are two types of points to keep in mind one about the clients and one about yourself.

Points to remember for freelancer

Important points for professionals :

1. Check the project description carefully.

  • After reading the description of projects understand the requirements thoroughly then if you are confident to fulfill the requirements then go for it.

2. Always make a new bid material according to the requirements of your project.

  • Because using pre-made templates for bidding shows how interested are you to get the project. So always make the best bid to get the project.

3. The price of the bid must be reasonable.

  • In beginning keep your price average to get some projects. After getting some projects to increase your price range according to you.

4. Always complete your projects on due time.

  • It’s the most important part of your work. If you submit your project on time it will give a great impact on your services and ratings. This habit will increase your income and reputation many times in freelancing front.

Important points for your Profile:

Clients always check your profile before hiring you for their projects. So always remember some points to make your profile professional.

1. Your portfolio and experience play the best role. 

  • The client always want to see your relevant work history or some previous work. Always add your previous work in an impressive manner.

2. Always address the project requirements instead of personal introduction.

  • The clients always like to discuss about the project’s problems not about yourself. So always focus on project requirements.

3. Past skill score.

  • Clients always check your project completion and timing rate. And a number of projects earned by you are also an important factor. So never add unnecessary skills and details in your profile.

So this is all you have to keep in mind to start your career as a freelancer.

All these factors are proof that freelancing can take the youth of India to the next level and will make then financially independent.

Here is some website in which I have worked as a freelancer and trusted by billions of freelancers from all over the world.


fiverr logo website

Fiverr is the best website for beginners who just started as a freelancer and needs to earn money as well as experience. Fiverr is the first platform where gigs are started only at $5. This policy of this website remains the same. Still, you can get the projects from$5 to $10,000. Due to the availability of the cheapest prices, one can find unlimited work here.

Visit: Fiverr


upwork logo website

Upwork is the largest freelancing website trusted by more than 1.5 million freelancers which are increasing on number day by day. This website provides its services in more than 180 countries all over the world. This website provides work to every kind of talent like Web Developer, Writer, Artist,  Creator, Designer, Sales, Virtual Assistant, Accountant, etc.  


3. Freelancer

Freelancer  logo website

Freelancer is the oldest and most popular website for Freelancing registered by 15 million. This platform launched in 2009 and quickly become the hottest platform for Freelancing loved by both professionals and clients alike. All types of freelancers work here as Web Developer, Writer, Designer, Assistant, Accountant, Maker, etc.

       Visit: freelancer

4. People per hour

people per hour website logo

People Per Hour is the freelancing website that allows professionals and clients both to set their charge on a per hour basis. This platform is best for professionals who either want to work or want to hire. People Per Hour website gives two ways to hire the professionals first to hire time tested professionals with a fixed price and second by bidding.


 I want to say when you approach for doing a project you should be confident and give an quick service and should deliver a good quality work so that he may hire you in long term.

Lastly, I want to suggest to work on freelancer website. And keep patients in beginning and stay on the website and do work at minimum cost and get positive reviews. later you will be your own boss who can give work to many freelancers and get commission without working.

Freelancing in India is the best profit of the internet and skills. Give a direction to your career and comment in the section to ask questions about freelancing can earn unlimited financial resources.

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