Freelancing is the best profitable niche. As we know we all work for our own comfort and luxuries. Yes, you read absolutely right How??? Now you must be thinking why I said this. So, this is the reason. Guys, there is a time when our elders say that Humans need bread and butter and work for this. They said if you have a roof on top, have good food, good clothes to wear. Then you are the happiest luckiest person. But sit and think for a second Is these things are enough in present time to become happy.  And our answer will be No way not at all. 

Reason to choose freelancing
Top 4 reason to choose freelancing

So, this is the answer to all your questions. Freelancing is the best profitable niche.

Reason to choose Freelancing: – 

1. Be independent

  • In Freelancing, you are independent to choose your own schedule. In Freelancing, you will follow your own schedule when the work, with whom to work, to which to work or not. 

2. Pay per hour

  • If you frustrated with your 9 to 6 job, then it’s for you. In your regular job, you have to follow the instructions of others and you have to wait for one month to get your own money. But in freelancing, you will get per hour per project.

3. Break the limit of your Limits

  • Yes, you read right. If you have enough talent and skills then why should limit yourself. In Freelancing, you can work all over the world at the same time then why you just work in one country. So be limitless and spread your wings and bound the world with your talent and skills, not yourself.

4. Work for yourself, not for others

  • Yes, absolutely correct, if you have the power of Hard work (at present smart work) + power of knowledge + power of talent + power of skills and many more then why should exhaust yourself for others. Stop wasting yourself for others and start to work for yourself, not for others.

So, there are many more reasons for Freelancing it’s just some of these. After reading this you must be assured to start working for yourself to start freelancing. Now after deciding for Freelancing let’s have a look at how to start freelancing start-up business.

Top 10 Freelance Jobs Idea IN 2020
Top 10 Freelance Jobs Idea

Important points to start freelancing start-up business: –

1. Find the best niche for a start-up

  • Now after deciding for Freelancing you have to choose the best niche for your start-up.  There are a number of a niche for Freelancing but you have to choose the best one for you. So, think for a while and decide which freelancing business you want to start.
Freelance start-up ideas in 2020
Start-up Ideas in 2020

2. Team Work-

  • To build a successful business Team Work is a must. Before starting your Freelancer Business just make a professional team of 5 people or more with good experience (those which are best in their work if not great in their work). Yes, this is the most important thing for the success of your business. The main reason for teamwork is that only one person cannot build up a business. If you have 5 or more people in your team you can divide your responsibilities according to their experience, work field, and talent. If one will focus on extracting more and more work than one will do writing another one is best in designing or editing. So, success is a result of teamwork.
In Freelance Team work plays important part

3. Flexibility

  • For a successful business have flexibility in your services and demands. To grow your business give you the best services and demand a little less at least in starting. e.g. whatever the business you start give the better service than your competitors and charge some less than your competitors. To know more about your services and charges and the precautions you should follow to be successful let’s spend some time on Google.

4. Follow your own schedule strictly

  • Yes, you read correctly. For a successful business always complete your tasks and responsibilities within time. It’s a great mantra for a successful business always complete your projects and programs on time. If your clients will be satisfied it will be a great booster to your Business.

5. Create your own platform

  • Yes, it’s a good impression to start your own platform like you can make your own website. By making your own website you can provide you services on your own website it will be a plus point for you. So, providing your services on other social platforms is a good option but providing services on your own website is great for the sake of your business to be successful.

6. Ratings are important than Rate

  • Yes, absolutely correct, “Ratings are important than Rate”. For the success of your business, it’s the main focus point. In starting the ratings by your clients is more important than the rate by your clients. Once the clients start to appreciate your services and give you a good rating then your rate will be increased automatically. 

7. Patience

  • Patience is the key to success. So, for a successful business, you must have some Patience. Because as you know Good things always take time. In starting your business need time + hard-work + teamwork + dedication + patience more than you think.  So, by focusing on the important points you can be the owner of successful freelancing business.

Here are 10 profitable start-ups ONLINE JOBS to start a freelancing career in 2020

Top 10 profitable ideas Jobs online In 2020

1.Website Design/Graphic design

Website designing and graphic designing are a very good option to start your freelancing business. In this Digital Era where each and every service either by an individual or by a company are digitalized If not then soon it will be digitalized. So, in this digitalization, the website and graphic think must. So, there is a bright future ahead in this business.

Hence due to a great demand for website designing/ graphic designing one can go with this business. You can provide this service on a different freelancing platform like, and etc. You can also provide this service on your own website.

2.Web Development

Web Developers are also the most demanded one in freelancing. As we know web development means Coding and programming that enables website functionality per requirement. There are a number of services in web development like Web designing, web content development, client/server-side scripting, network security configuration, etc. Although there are a number of webs developing software that are present in the market but these are with limited functions. The clients are always wanting to design their websites according to their own requirements. So, Web Development is also a very good option to start your freelancing business. 

Website development plays an important factor regarding top 10 jobs online
Website developer in 2020

You can provide your services either on a freelancing platform as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article or you can also provide by your own website.

3.Digital Marketing Facebook ads/YouTube ads

Digital marketing service has a limitless and endless future. Because in this time of digitalization where every individual or company is a present online marketplace. To grow up all they need is marketing. So, Digital Marketing is the best option to make your business successful. There are limitless marketing platforms present and Facebook and YouTube are one of them.

Digital marketing is top 10 and my favorite if you are posting of yours photo in social media and editing then digital marketing is great option for you
Digital Marketing

If you have a good experience you can take your business to a new level by Facebook/ YouTube ads. These two are at the topmost in social media platforms.


In Translation, a number of services are provided like call centers, interpretation, localization, bilingual translation, and online teaching and training, etc. So, if you have a well knowledgeable and talented person in your team you can start this Freelancing translation business. If you go through the internet or the different freelancing platform you will find that there is an ocean of opportunities in freelancing translation services.

Language translation is must important for an new beginners

You can provide Translation services on freelancing website as mentioned above or by your own website.

5.Resume/CV Making

Resume or CV Making services are very much in demand right now. Many people pay millions for the Resume or CV because it is the most important document to represent someone. By Resume, one presents his education, background, skills, accomplishments, achievement sets, etc. Let me clear one thing here content writing and Resume writing are two different tasks. If someone has the skills to make the best resume, he didn’t take his time for content writing. Because in Resume writing job certain factors matter a lot like drafting and customizing resume, enhancing the readability, eye-catching and impressive layout making, emphasizing skills and achievements, and many more…

Resume service in freelancing is very popular and high bin demand if someone has good knowledge about how to write resume definetly he/she should choose Resume service
Resume 2020

So, if you have one in your team with Resume making skills you can start your services by freelancing platform or by your own website.

6.Social Media Manager

Social media management is a very good option to start your freelancing business. In this time of digitalization, everyone has a personal life or social media life. Many industries or individuals need good social media handling for the wider growth of their careers. 

Social media is boom nowadays and work from home will be the perfect job for you
social media platforms

If you are using social media platforms you must be aware of the importance of social media. 

 There are a number of who hire someone to handle their social media platforms as managers and pays a very good price for that. So, if you have the one in your team who is best in this You can start this Freelancing business on many platforms or by your own website.

7.Data entry/Pdf to Excel/LaTeX

Data entry or data editing (pdf to Excel) or LaTeX is the most convenient job that one can do without any specific skills or experience. There are millions of people or companies who hire people for Database. In this all these jobs like the entry of data, editing in data, proofreading, LaTeX, etc. 

Data entry is most and easy freelance jobs in the industry so I recommend if you know excel and basic knowledge about data entry so it is very easy way top starts for college student
Data entry 2020

These are such services that can be provided by you and your team easily without any specific hard work. In these jobs, if you and your team can do this job correctly will earn a very good amount of money without much effort. You can provide these services on freelancing platforms or by your own website.

8.Content Writing

Content writing is a skill to write on a specific topic or niche. Content writers are not an ordinary writer who can write on any random topics or subjects. Content writers are experts in their special fields. They are blessed with the skill to write original and unique content. They have a good knowledge and experience of SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress, MS Word, etc. Content writers are specialists in social media platforms. 

Content writing is most popular if you have passion to write and perform in-front of audience and they like then content writing is perfect for you
Content writing 2020

So, if you have one with you in your team you can go for content writing services through freelancing platforms or by your own website.

9.NET Services/Software selling Services

There are a variety of NET services that are required by millions of people or industries like creating Web services or proxy, consuming web services, applications, java applications, windows applications, console applications, etc.

net and software service is specially for computer field person and high advance special skills in software

In Software selling Services, you can develop your software in different applications for different types of tasks and can sell on a very good price. You can develop software as described or demanded by your clients. 

So, if you have a software developer or Engineer in your team you can start this Freelancing business on many freelancing platforms or by your own website.

10.Excel VBA

Excel VBA means visual basic for Applications. It’s a Microsoft programming language for Excel definition. VBA is a high-level programming language that use to bend Excel to your all-powerful will. VBA enhance the functionality of Excel by using English like statements to write instructions.

Excel vba is most important who know how to develop and pay service in VBA

There are millions of companies and organizations which hire VBA Developers and pay an attractive fee for this job. So, if you have a VBA Developer in your team you can provide this service on freelancing platforms or by your own website.

So, it looks about how to start your freelancing start-up business with good knowledge. Before starting your business take a complete knowledge of the business and be the owner of a successful business Organisation.


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